Secure Development

Websites/Mobile/Desktop Application

Through exploitation, Fortress Lab is able to provide context around the vulnerability, impact, threat and the likelihood of a breach in an information asset.

Why Secure Development ?

With the widespread use of applications on all forums i.e. web, mobile and desktop it has been established that they are the key trends in driving the new decade of opportunities. Simultaneously, they are also prone to cyber-attacks that are becoming more rampant and severe by the day. The basis on which the modern world operates has been revolutionized by the way applications are accessed from practically anywhere and at any point in time which arises the need for organizations to try harder than ever to prevent any fabrication of data or breach of property rights.

Why choose Fortress Lab ?

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360-degree Coverage

Fortress lab offers a holistic, market leading solution to protect applications from inescapable threats by shielding the integrity, privacy and confidentiality ofapplications.


Customized Testing

Fortress Labs sets itself apart from the competition by its original and licensed protective technology that is sure to attain the desired purpose.


Cutting Edge Tools

Be sure to receive sophisticated expertise, well equipped with the latest technology information and have the relevant skills set to use the latest patented tools from Symantec and McAfee.

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Fortress Lab Process

Our Pro-active testing steps to secure You.

How it works?

  • Firstly, it shields applications against potential threats followed by detection of any faulty or suspicious activity that attempts to fabricate the security of the application.

  • After successful detection, a well-formulated and strategic response is implemented.

  • Next it retorts to attacks that are detected in the system with repairs and alerts.