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What is Password Mangement ?

  • Passwords are the key to protecting your login ID’s and you would always want your password to be high on strength and also be synchronized in a manner that they are not easy to forget.
  • However, we are all aware that any kind of theft can lead to these passwords being hacked which may give the cyber thief undue access to our private and confidential data.

Why Passfort ?

As our product PassFort a web based application what will securely store your passwords and routinely send reminders for change.

  • You do not have to exert pressure on your mind trying to recall what password you had reserved for which account. It is responsive website for screens desktop, mobile or tablets .
  • The various mechanisms strong data encryption that it has will guarantee your data ultimate security and protection from cyber fraud.
  • Even if it falls in the wrong hands, rest assured as none of your passwords will be compromised and you will retrieve your data untouched, in its original form.
  • Password man for your email account, online banking and shopping and social networking sites all in your fist.
  • It’s user friendly functionality stores all your digital accounts credentials and works in perfect harmony with your everyday use devices, not requiring you to be an IT pro to use this application.
  • Order the PassFort without delay and experience the ultimate ease and unparalleled cyber security.


What is fortware?

Fortware allows you to assess your market standing with reference to the cyber risks prevalent in your surroundings.

Key features:

  • Self-assessment based : By taking the self-assessment tests specifically designed to gauge how sound your knowledge is regarding cyber security ranging from essential level to expert level you will get a reality check as to what you need to do to strengthen your security system from fort Resources.
  • Short Survey based: AT fortress lab we aim to develop a questionnaire that is comprehensive and not very challenging at the same time, so that they do not demoralize the one taking the test. The respondents basically get a helpful insight into how they can effectively deal with online threats with their current resources and market standing.
  • Awareness: Awareness is the key to taking the next productive step towards preventing any security breaches.
  • Five security controls: It will be given to the respondents who sign up for this self-assessment test that will ideally equip them to combat security challenges and secure a worthwhile position in the cyber world. Depending on the score that you get you can proceed to apply for the badges Fortress lab provides, that gives your company the legitimate right and proof to advertise the fact that it complies with a quality standard of cyber security. It all depends on what you or your organizational goals that is you either secure these badges to gain professional recognition or utilize the result to be implemented in-house and derive the desired result.
  • Take the test now and give us an opportunity to secure your standing in the cyber world. We are just a call away!

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DDos & Bot Protection

DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service. Such attacks usually involves in one machine used to either target a software vulnerability or send a targeted resource with packets, requests or queries which causes a server or a network resource unavailable/ temporary suspension or interrupted to get access of any network to its users.

While Bot Protection often called as a “zombie army,” is group of hijacked Internet-connected devices, each injected with malware used to control it from a remote location without the knowledge of the device’s rightful owner. In most common terms it can be called as hacking, spamming or malware attack.

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