Cyber Security

We test vulnerability through Penetration

Through exploitation, Fortress Lab is able to provide context around the vulnerability, impact, threat and the likelihood of a breach in an information asset.

What is it ?

Did you know that along with technological breakthroughs you need to keep your employees abreast of the cyber risks that follow it?

Why choose Fortress Lab ?

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360-degree Coverage

Protect your network and don’t foreign attack breach your privacy by providing trainings to the whole organization with Fortress Lab’s Security Awareness training. Many of the security breaches that occur so easily due to the human errors.


Customized Testing

Your patented information is susceptible to information breaches 24/7 and it’s not just an evasion of your data but its ripple effects extend to costing you money, loss of loyal customers and inadvertently credible market share.


Cutting Edge Tools

You wouldn’t definitely want these cyber breaches happening due of lack of employee awareness about the security risks.

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Fortress Lab Process

Our Pro-active testing steps to secure You.

How it Works?

  • Your employees need to keep a sharp eye on the progress and demands of the information security world and act accordingly.

  • Our security awareness program is designed in a way that will help your employees understand the essentials and basics of information security issues in compliance with recent regulatory requirements.

  • We also offer customized training programs as per the security awareness needs and goals of your company and provide the relevant communication tools.

  • Key security issues that need undivided and particular attention are focused like excessive freedom to social networking sites, information protection, password security, protection against viruses, email and web browser security and mobile security.

  • Your employees need to be proactive enough to assume a responsible role in preserving important information pertaining to your company.