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Application Security Testing

Fortress Lab test vulnerability through Penetration Testing.

Smart Bruteforcing | Web App Scanning & Exploitation | Server Exploitation | Proxy & VPN Pivoting | Reporting with Mitigation Tips .

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Why Us

Benefits of managed vulnerability scanning service.

Stay Ahead and save future

Vulnerability Testing allows you to avoid giving hackers an easy route of compromise your Sensitive business data.


Improve detection and response

Vulnerability testing will greatly enhance your organisation’s ability to identify the latest threats and respond to them in a timely fashion.


Scheduled Scan with Mitigation Guidelines

Regular scan on the application will enhance the confidence on Application security and Mitigation help you to keep app as per OWASP standards.

What We Do

Penetrate your network & appliction to identify and help mitigate vulnerabilities before they are exploited by Hackers.

How We Do

Our 4 stages Process.



Discovering the Application Architecture along with the Host Infrastructure to create Blueprint.



Assessing Application Authentication, Data Input/Output to the Application, Application Logic and Data Persistence.



Finding areas of weakness by constructing exploits, Access to sensitive data and Hook to the processing logic.



Reporting HIGH | Medium attention areas to priorities genuine security issues that require attention with fixes guidelines.

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