Cyber Incidence Consultancy

Through exploitation, Fortress Lab is able to provide context around the vulnerability, impact, threat and the likelihood of a breach in an information asset.

What is cyber assessment​ ?

How effectively are you striking that perfect balance between providing seamless integration and synchronization of data and protection of this priceless data?

Why choose Fortress Lab ?

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360-degree Coverage

Fortress Lab approach to assess risks and deliver recommendations is worth implementing to substantially increase the level of privacy and security of your business.


Customized Testing

You never know the innumerable threats that may be posing a potential threat to your network infrastructure until you responsibly conduct periodic assessments.


Cutting Edge Tools

Preventing breach of important data is crucial to a company’s success and with the vulnerable IT environment that businesses find themselves in today’s world. Cyber protection has become an absolute necessity. These potential threats could be present internally underhand scheming against your protective measures or outside threats that could undermine your network's security.Partner with us to carry out a comprehensive and customized risk

Partner with us to carry out a comprehensive and customized risk assessment of your company and take concerted action to fix the loopholes.

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Fortress Lab Process

Our Pro-active testing steps to secure You.

How it works?

  • We deal with all sorts of threats and ensure that they are diagnosed at the right time to prevent further deterioration of the situation.

  • Managing risk is one of the foundational steps of facilitating a focused and thoughtful defence strategy.

  • Organize your efforts to safeguard your valuable data assets and do not compromise at any cost when it comes to security.

  • Our team of experts and security professionals collaborate with each other and put to use the years of expertise and command that they have gained in the prevention of data breach.

  • Your information is sensitive and demands a high level of attention to remain intact.Equipped with the latest sophisticated technology and tools we keep the hackersaway.