CCTV Survellience

We test vulnerability through Penetration

Through exploitation, Fortress Lab is able to provide context around the vulnerability, impact, threat and the likelihood of a breach in an information asset.

What is it ?

To eliminate your concerns regarding fraudulent or suspicious activity happening around the vicinity of your company and to keep a vigilant eye on your fellow employees, security cameras are one of most convenient solutions. Remote locations can be made accessible with CCTV surveillance.

Why choose Fortress Lab ?

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360-degree Coverage

We at Fortress Lab possess high-end sophisticated CCTV Surveillance technology, in-house capabilities and the relevant tools to cater to immediate alerts when trouble is detected and ensuring that loss to property and potential crimes against people can be curbed or at least controlled to a great extent.


Customized Testing

Our CCTV Monitoring is proud to deliver superior quality video recording and monitoring functions in real time. Our solutions are known for their cost-effectiveness and advanced software engineering.


Cutting Edge Tools

Crime rate has been drastically reduced with CCTV surveillance and it has been considered one of the most effective means of reducing crime. We are proud to be serving a diverse portfolio of clients who think highly of our services and have successfully secured their IT networks by getting on board with us.

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Fortress Lab Process

Our Pro-active testing steps to secure You.

How it Works?

  • Sign up for our CCTV monitoring and reporting services and enjoy undisturbed surveillance and impeccable access and reach to far-fetched areas.

  • Keeping in mind that it is not humanly possible to be physically present at all forefronts to keep a check on what is happening, our CCTV surveillance systems doesn’t let you worry about securing your investments.

We believe that an in-depth and complete information security risk assessment is not only an ardent step towards detecting existing exposures to risk in the business environment but in addition gives backing to your administration teams to plan beforehand.