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IT Services with Cyber Security.

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Secure your business with Fortress Lab

As a leader in cybersecurity technology, Fortress Lab provides specialized bespoke IT services with security to small businesses.
Protect your data, streamline your internal operations and gain a competitive edge.
Be with us for Managing your IT, Application Development, Security Testing, Risk Assessment, Security Awareness Training just everything is possible with FORTRESS LAB.

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Web Security and Maintenance with WebFort

Leave your website in the hands of a trusted partner:
WebFort is our solution that maintains and manages your smart backups, automates security scans, monitors behaviours and mitigate attacks, as well as provides you with regular reports and responds rapidly to incidences.

  • Website Antivirus Firewall Integration
  • Smart Backups
  • Malware Removal
  • Incidence Response
  • Reporting with Improvement Tips
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Web Security and Maintenance with WebFort
NextGen Framework

Managed IT Services with Cyber security

Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your business.
Have a trusted partner in the face of Fortress Lab: we can manage your IT infrastructure, provide rapid and effective solutions to IT threats, help you build your website’s defence and ultimately assist you in driving your business to success.
Fortress Lab can help you with:

  • Remote Monitoring & Access
  • Patch Management
  • Data-Driven Insights
  • Server Backup and Recovery
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Robust & Secure

Application Development

Your Application (Website/Desktop/Mobile App) is your digital business card: do it right with Fortress Lab.
Our expert team can help with the prototype and design of your website, meet and exceed the engineering requirements and quality assurance standards and ensure the continuity of your business.

  • Web Development
  • QA Testing
  • Code Reviews
  • Backend API Development
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Application Security

Application Security Testing

Gain a competitive edge with unmatched security, courtesy of Fortress Lab.
Our cybersecurity tech team will identify existing security weaknesses, analyse your business to suggest custom-tailored mitigation strategies and ensure your customers’ data and sensitive information is safe at all times.

  • Smart Bruteforcing
  • Web App Scanning & Exploitation
  • Server Exploitation
  • Proxy & VPN Pivoting
  • Reporting with Mitigation Tips
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Our team is there to tackle your business needs in digital world.

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